How to Draw Cartoon Characters

Drawing a cartoon character may seem like a difficult task for beginners. Learning how to draw cartoon characters can be both tricky and simple at the same time. In order for you to draw cartoon characters effectively there are procedures you would have to follow and understand. Eventually if these procedures are followed carefully you will succeed. For beginners, there are various methods and strategies you would have to adopt. Here are some tips outlined below which will help you on how best you can draw cartoon characters effectively. 4anime

Geometric Shapes: Start of by drawing your cartoon characters by making use of the basic geometrical shapes which are circles, squares, ovals, etc so as to come up with the face of your character. You do not have to be good at drawing because all you have to do is to sketch the shapes. First of all try to think of how the characters will look like so as to select the perfect face for it.

Free Sketch: All you have to do is get a blank page and start sketching characters by making use of the geometrical basic shapes. Sketching a character is the fundamental way to start drawing a cartoon character. This is the moment you picture the idea from your imagination to reality.

Body Drawing: After you have sketched the face you now have to proceed with the rest. You also have to make use of the basic geometrical shapes to draw the body. In order to come up with a great body for your cartoon creations you should think of other cartoon characters such as Tarzan, the Simpsons, etc so as to be familiar with their type of body shapes.

Simplicity: You should try to make the cartoon character as simple as possible. If you think of drawing a sophisticated or complex cartoon character then this will certainly be tough for you. The moment you start of making a simple character you will be able to modify it so as to perfect it.



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